Have you ever wondered how people come up with amazing business ideas that turn out to be multi-million companies? Or maybe you have some money, and you need inspiration about how to turn it into a fortune instead of wasting it on the trendiest clothing items that you don’t need.

One of the best ways to generate wealth is to provide solutions to challenges in your environment, and the most sustainable and effective business ideas are borne from this.

Moreover, small-scale businesses are the engine room of many economies, according to customer reviews gathered from online sources. We, therefore, invite you to take an objective look at your environment and see which of the suggestions below can be tweaked for you to start with, and don’t be scared to start small.

Food delivery service

There is an ‘African belief’ that the food business can never fail, as food is a fundamental human need. While not everyone can own a restaurant or cook, it is easy to find low-risk investment opportunities along the food delivery value chain, particularly the food truck business.

It can also be a perfect business for someone who wants to run the business personally or has limited funds to invest. You can research extensively by visiting review sites like ReviewsBird.com to find other ideas in the food business.


Closely related to the above point is a bakery business, which can be started within the confines of one’s home until it grows enough to require additional hands and space. You’ll need an oven, ingredients, packaging, a space to display or contact to supply to, etc.

Book-keeping/Accounting Services

Do you have a head for numbers? Then you can offer your services to other small businesses and even individuals, as a lot of people and businesses struggle to keep their books straight. This kind of business is closely linked with competence and referrals, so you have to ensure your skills are top-notch, whether as main employment or a side-job.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant offers administrative support to clients via the internet; planning and scheduling meetings, managing events, recording activities, and providing reminders, as well as any other duties specified by the client. As more businesses become more digitized, the need for efficient virtual assistants seems to be on the rise. All you need is an understanding of major office applications, an internet connection, an analytic and retentive mind, and voila, you are in business.

Website Developer / Design

There is a high demand for website developers and designers presently, as many businesses and individuals digitize their businesses and processes, and e-commerce becomes the norm. It is also a service that tends to be re-occurring, as businesses need to be maintained regularly for optimal service delivery.

Digital Marketing

 Many businesses are becoming increasingly digitized, and having an online presence is a major requirement for successful businesses in the 21st century. Marketing is a field that is always in demand in the business world, and digital marketing has become the backbone of online businesses to reach their audiences.

Event Planning

If you do not have a flair for parties, organization, details, or the social sphere, you can skip this part. There is always a market for professional event planning services, from children’s parties to corporate meetings, birthdays to weddings, once you start, just ensure you document your services with pictures and videos that can show your next customers what you can do.