Cannabis is a term for a plant that contains Cannabinoids. Cannabinoids in this plant contain active compounds including THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol) or substances that can make users experience euphoria and CBD (Cannabidiol) or substances that affect the limbic system, the system of the brain that regulates emotions, behavior, and memory. You can visit Canadian pharmacy for more information about medical of a cannabis.

What about marijuana users all over the world? Based on data from UNODC, it is estimated that around 162 million people use marijuana at least once a year worldwide, and 22.5 million use daily. This figure is also the highest number of other drug users. Marijuana occupies a position of 64.7{b3c194a7c29223093517fb2605d0bbee4602c52f89da5885eafd506728816862} and is the drug with the most users in the world. Canada has also proven that Canada drugs can treat various diseases.

Marijuana plants are found in tropical countries such as Indonesia, planted at the beginning of the rainy season and before the dry season can be harvested. The harvest of cannabis in the form of leaves, twigs and small seeds.

Marijuana which is widely circulated is a mixture of leaves, twigs and dried fruit. Marijuana is taken from the male flower of the cannabis tree. While female flowers from the cannabis tree can be extracted into Hashish.

Hashish has THC content many times higher than Marijuana. The Hashish shape is in the form of flour and black. Hashish is a derivative product of marijuana.

As mentioned above, that cannabis can also be used as a treatment. Cannabis, dangerous substances only on the THC content, if the THC content is discarded then only Cannabinoids are left.

Cannabinoids from cannabis seeds if processed into oil and applied to cure skin cancer, there is even one case in Salt Lake City-Utah-America, a 2-year-old baby recovered from a tumor after being infused with marijuana oil!

Another content of cannabis oil is the composition of amino acids and high-quality protein structures. Protein from cannabis seeds also contains all the amino acids in greater amounts than other complete protein sources such as meat, milk, eggs and all grains except soybeans, even amino acids in cannabis seed oil are also present in compositions that are much more healthy than all of the food sources.

Consumption of cannabis seeds can help the healing process of diseases that attack the immune system. This is proven by the successful use as food intake for tuberculosis sufferers to deal with the problem of malnutrition, this study was carried out by Czechoslovakia Tubercular Nutritional Study in 1955. If you want marijuana treatment, you can order it in Canadian pharmacy online.