Cannabis or marijuana, a depressant drug made from cannabis leaves. Depressant drugs are called because marijuana can affect the nervous system by making the nervous system slow.

However, marijuana is included in the list of illegal drugs whose use and circulation are regulated by law. Although including a type of drug, marijuana is not known as a drug. He is more in the ranks of narcotics.

Cannabis is usually consumed in the form of cigarettes or eaten. There are also those who mix it with liquor and/or other types of narcotics. For more information, please visit licensed producers Canada

Inflammation of the intestine is a condition in which the intestine experiences inflammation or inflammation. Inflammation of the intestine itself is often used to explain two types of diseases, namely ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Both of these conditions are caused by chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal (digestive system). This condition arises because of a false reaction from the body’s immune system to normal and healthy digestive tissue.

Symptoms of Bowel Inflammation

Inflammation of the intestine is a long-term disease with symptoms that usually appear and disappear for some time The severity of symptoms that appear depends on which part of the inflammation. Some of the symptoms that generally occur are:

  • Pain or pain in the abdomen. Inflammation that occurs can affect the normal movement of the intestine, causing pain or discomfort.
  • Decreased appetite. Cramps and abdominal pain will reduce a person’s appetite.
  • Weight loss. Weight loss and even nutritional deficiencies can be experienced by people with inflammatory bowel because the body is not able to digest and absorb food nutrients properly.
  • Diarrhea mixed with blood and relapsing. Blood can appear in feces (feces) with a dark black color, or it can also be invisible but visible on a microscope.
  • Feel tired easily.
  • Having nausea and fever.

Causes of Intestinal Inflammation

Until now, the underlying cause of intestinal inflammation is unknown. A person’s diet and stress level can increase a person’s risk of developing intestinal inflammation, but both are not the main causes. What is known is a malfunction of the immune system causing inflammation. But it is not yet known what causes the body’s immune system errors.

Treatment of Bowel Inflammation

Until now, there were no drugs that could cure intestinal inflammation. Treatment and treatment are done only to relieve symptoms that appear or to prevent recurrence of symptoms. For mild symptoms, treatment may not be needed. Usually, mild symptoms will disappear within a few days.

The drugs that will be given to treat intestinal inflammation are:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. This drug will usually be given first to treat inflammation of the intestine. This drug serves to reduce inflammation that occurs. The drug commonly used is the aminosalicylic group.
  • Immunosuppressant drugs. This drug serves to block the activity of the immune system that is damaging or harmful. This drug will reduce the inflammation that occurs. Some examples of immunosuppressant drugs are azathioprine, cyclosporine, methotrexate, natalizumab, vedolizumab, ustekinumab, and infliximab. For some people, a combination of several drugs works better than just taking one type of drug.
  • Antibiotics. This drug can be given in addition to other drugs, especially if there is an infection. People with ulcerative colitis take antibiotics to control the infection that occurs.
  • Medical Marijuana

In 2005 marijuana research was conducted by Bristol University. This study states that by affecting cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and intestines with marijuana, this treatment has proven effective. in our brain has cannabinoid receptors. It is believed that they are an important part of the healing process of the intestine when it is damaged.